Bromley Junior Parkrun

Oliver, one of our Kim Pack Cubs would like to encourage as many Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to participate in Bromley Junior Parkrun as part of his Leadership Challenge.

Junior Parkrun is a Weekly Free 2K Timed event for children from the age of 4-14. You can walk, skip, jog or run. Mums and Dad’s can even run with you!

Come along on Sunday 21st July and give Junior ParkRun a try. Its great fun being active and you will be helping Oliver to gain his Leadership Challenge badge and his Chief Scout’s Silver Award. It can also count towards your own activity badge!

All you need to do is:-

Register at: Once registered, print your barcode and bring it along to the event.

Send a message to so we know who’s coming.

Come along on Sunday 21st July and wear your group scarf.

At the end of the event, have your barcode scanned and your time and position will be emailed to you.