Camp for Kenya

Our friends over at Harambee for Kenya are planning an event at the end of this month to raise funds for the great work that they are doing in Kenya. Did you know that every night an estimated 300,000 children sleep on the streets of Kenya.

Camp for Kenya is taking place on 28th August 2020. By donating £5 and camping out you will be helping children to have a safe loving home so that they no longer need to sleep in the streets. An additional challenge will be to budget no more than £5 on food for that evening and all of the next day!

They are asking us all to challenge 5 other friends to do the same. With your group of friends, whether miles apart or socially distancing, why not do fancy dress to make it more fun and give your gang a name. (Gangs are known as a “bases” among street boys in Kenya).

Take part and make a donation by following this link.

You will also be able to upload photographs of your camp onto their @campforkenya Instagram page.