HQ Improvement Project

At the 23rd Bromley we are very lucky to have our own hall to use for all of our Scouting activities.

Many other groups in the area have to make use of school / church halls which have limited availability and high rental costs. Our Scout Group has a long term lease agreement with St Augustine’s Church whereby we pay minimal rent for the hall, but we are responsible for the costs of the upkeep of the facilities. These costs are not insignificant and they are rising year on year, however the costs are lower than rental costs of other Scout Groups whixh means the 23rd Bromley is able to provide one of the most affordable Scouting experiences in Bromley.

Having such a large hall and field, that we can use as and when we want allows us to provide a variety of Scouting experiences for all ages. However we are aware that there are a number of ways in which the hall can be improved. For example we only have one female toilet which is somewhat of an issue given some sections are predominately made up of girls.

Therefore the group are looking to start a “HQ Improvement Project” in order to upgrade the facilities that are available for our Young People and Leaders to use. It is still early days and the scope and timescales are yet to be decided.

The group is solely run by volunteers and any expenditure is carefully considered. We are therefore hoping to get a team together of parents, guardians, friends and group supporters who are able to help us drive this project forward. With over 100 members in the group we are sure there are a wide variety of skills out there. Any help is much appreciated and you don’t need to necessarily have a specialist skill, a desire to work in a team to help make these improvements is all we ask for. However we would be particularly interested in hearing from builders, plumbers, electricians, project managers, surveyors, architects, flooring specialists, structural engineers and roofing specialists.

If you’re interested in getting involved in this exciting project, please get in touch using the below form:

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