Four Week Challenge

Have you ever thought about helping out at the 23rd Bromley but not sure if you have enough time or what you would like to do? We are looking to start the Four Week Challenge with Hurricane Beavers who meet on a Tuesday 5.00pm-6.30pm.

The Four Week Challenge is a gradual introduction to Scouting to show new volunteers just how much they can get out of it, and how many different roles there are. You can come for the whole meeting, but you don’t have to attend every meeting for the whole session. You might be able to help with particular activities or badge work, help with the accounts or complete the register and other paperwork at the start of the meeting for example.

Week 1 – Come and see what we do and meet the team

Week 2 – Help out, maybe run a short activity or a game or help with some administration

Week 3 – Get a little more involved

Week 4 – Decide if volunteering is for you

If you would be interested in giving the Four Week Challenge a go, then please drop us a message or email