Mick Golding – Gone Home

It is with very deep sadness that we have to announce that Mick Golding passed away peacefully this afternoon (Tuesday 22nd May) after a short illness.

Mick joined Kim pack when he was 8 years old and has been a permanent fixture in the group for the last 51 years. He helped in both Scouts and Cubs and was the best Quarter Master we’ve ever had! He always turned up to help at Jumble Sales, Sports Day and the Christmas fair and that’s not to mention all the hundreds of camps he must have been on.

Mick has been a true and loyal friend to many of us over the years and we are sure that many people have happy memories of time spent with him in and out of Scouting. We encourage people to share these memories in the comments below…

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  1. Such sad news, a complete legend of a man. When I was growing up he was always there at the 23rd putting 100% into everything and would always tell you exactly what he thought of you! Reunited with Keith now.

  2. Very sorry to hear such sad news. Mick was a big part of growing up in the 23rd, both in and outside official activities. He had a heart of gold and a good stock of terrible jokes. And he was always there, no questions asked, no (real) moaning, just getting on with it. Jumble sales, summer expeditions, fund raising or just down the Billet, a loyal friend. Even when I hadn’t seen him for years it seemed like no time had gone by.

  3. Mick Golding
    One of life’s gentleman, in every sense of the word.
    As an ex leader at the 23rd troop, I have many memories of times spent with Mick, Keith, and Big Tony; many a troop night, many a camp and many a Christmas show. Many of the past scouts have much to thank Mick ( Keith and Big Tony) for, he would give you the shirt of his back if you needed it.
    Mick was a stalwart of the scout movement and was very passionate about scouting.
    Mick will be a sad loss to all that knew him.
    God rest you Mick, you did your bit with pride and dedication.

  4. Very sad news. A top man with a heart of gold. Still remember the days at the 23rd, great days with great people, learnt a lot from that time and especially from people like Mick and the other leaders. Football / camping / team work, and all the other life skills we learnt as a group, including making the best of every situation and just having fun! which stand us in good stead today. Another 23rd legend has left us. Gone but never forgotten. RIP Mick.

  5. Now that Michael’s gone to heaven
    On a sheet of glass
    Just so he can say
    I just can’t be arsed

    Now that Michael’s gone to heaven
    To meet his brother Keith
    And his mum and dad and his 23rd friends.
    Yes we will grieve my lord
    Oh yes we will grieve.

    Michael a true 23rd legend, I am going to miss you so much and the group will miss you for all you did be it in the stores,on camp,at meetings,in the pub, bowling in fact everywhere. The Fellowship won’t be the same without your presence and of course your put downs. Next time I pass a cemetery you know what I’m going to say. I’m writing this with tears in my eyes. R.I.P my friend.

  6. What very sad news, i cant quite believe that there won’t be a Golding connected to the 23rd, Mick was a very loyal long serving member of the 23rd, i for one have very fond memories working along side him and his brother Keith, so different people but both of them gems; who will not be forgotten.RIP Mick,

  7. Still trying to take this in, Mick was one of the most genuine people that I had the pleasure to meet through scouting, he and keith were basically always there from the moment I joined , I can remember them at all my early cub camps as the kind of people that you wanted to be, kind,funloving loud at times but above all genuine.
    You knew where you stood with Mick, if he though you were a pratt he would tell you so, not afraid to speak his mind but above all he would be there if you needed help.
    RIP Mick you’re a legend

  8. So sad to hear of Micks passing, his dedication to Scouting and the 23rd will be fondly remembered by hundreds of youngsters and their parents. With Mick you got what was on the tin, he said it as he found it, but he was all heart and was there to help all that needed it. Rest in peace Mick

  9. What bad news. The 23rd will not be the same without his presence. I think the Golding twins were probably among the first boys to form Kim Pack in 1967 so yes, that was 51 years ago since I first knew Mick. Mick benefitted immensely by his dedication to the 23rd, but likewise Scouting owed him a tremendous amount for that very commitment. My sincere condolences.

  10. That is incredibly sad. Having only helped out on a few occasions with my kids at Cubs I knew Mick only slightly but he was always there; and particularly for a Paul Bartlett breakfast!! I have only fond memories of all the people that volunteer at the 23rd and Mick was one of those that very generously gave up his time. Rest in Peace Mick. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  11. Absolutely gutted, cant believe it. Complete legend, will be sorely missed by all that knew him. So many great memories of my scouting days only made possible by the likes of Mick. RIP big man, thanks for everything.

  12. Mick and Keith joined Kim Pack when my friends and I opened it way back in 1967. Since then they they had never left the 23rd and worked hard. Mick was the best QM the 23rd has ever had. I have so many memories and will never forget. Very sad news and I send our condolences to Ann his sister he will be greatly missed. RIP Mick xxx

  13. Such sad news to hear about the passing of Mick.

    I remember the many wind up chats we had about his allegiance to Man Utd. But he never went to watch them .

    He never said to no anything you asked him to do and his dedication and commitment to the 23rd Bromley was unquestionable.
    He was a nice man who made scouting his life.My three boys who spent many years at the 23rd Bromley all new and loved mick for his humour and personality.
    Miss you Mick RIp big fella love the Mehmet’s

    1. I had many similar conversations about Man Utd but he was adamant he had seen them play live numerous times….on Sky!

  14. One of the good old crew. Gold by name and Gold in nature – would always help you if you needed it. Brings back so many happy memories of my childhood along with my dad and Keith. Very sad day for all who knew him.

    1. Sad to hear another gem of the 23rd troop gone Tony ,my dad in particular loved dry humour banter with Mick being a Southern Man Utd fanatic etc! Other than that minor fault of his he was a wonderful man, would always join in the footy mad folk kickabouts and he enhanced our experience of Scouting. He was one of us as much as a leader to look up to too.Reunited with your Dad and Keith up in the sky now..I hope they enjoy a well-deserved beer and natter up there considering all their hours helping us grow into good men Our condolences from The Davis family.

  15. Such a sad day for the 23rd. Mick was such a loyal friend and leader. He will be missed by us all.

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