Peter Pan Panto

After many months of hard work the group put on its Panto from the 11th – 13th January and it was once again a great success! Across four sold out performances a phenomenal £3,200 was raised for the group.

This year the cast and crew put on their interpretation of Peter Pan. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell the fairy lead Wendy Darling and her brothers on an adventure to Neverland, leading to the final showdown with Peter’s enemy, Captain Hook (and Hook’s enemy, the Crocodile).

There were over fifteen new cast and crew members this year (most whom are aged 8-12 years of age) all of whom did incredibly well. It meant that we had the largest cast and crew support we’ve ever had! Each person is involved in the Scout Group in some way and we are really grateful for all of the time that people commit to Scouting and the Panto.

Katie Ainscough, 16, who played Prosecco (one of the mermaids) said that “Being part of the pantomime was something I’m really glad I did this year. Throughout all of the rehearsals and performances I’ve got to mix with loads of different people, all linked through the 23rd Bromley in some way and I’ve got to know them really well.”

An awful lot of work went into the Panto in the months leading to January, with Katie going on to say “the rehearsals were so much fun, even though tiring sometimes but the actual performances were amazing too! Overall being part of the Panto was a really fun experience, whilst also raising money for the Scout group, and I’d love to do it again.”

A huge thank you must go to everyone who played a part in making this Panto our most successful yet, in particular to Claire Pester (and family!) who commits an incredible amount of time to the Panto. From writing the script, arranging rehearsals, finding music, sourcing costumes, making props, the list goes on.

We were flattered to receive some touching comments from audience members:

“Well done all of you. You should be very proud of your fantastic performance tonight. Big shout out to all of the Natives, Lost Boys, and younger cast members you were all great 👏👏. The older members of the cast put on a brilliant performance too 👏👏 to you as well. I’ll be back next year 🎭🎭” – Gwyn Muckelt, GLSE Scouts County Commissioner

“What a great way to spend a Thursday night, another great Panto from the 23rd, takes amateur dramatics to another level! Young People and Leaders alike played their parts brilliantly” Lee Hawley, Bromley District Scout Network Commissioner and 15th Bromley Explorer Leader

“I was so impressed by the quality of the scouts pantomime. What great performances by such talented creative and inspirational young people. Thanks to all the people who put it together. Music , tech , scenery , props, costumes, choreography, directors, the lot. It was really wonderful to see all their achievements come to life. Well done everyone involved.” Lara Bartlett, Parent of 2nd Bromley Brownie

“Best panto yet. We all loved it and thought the cast were fabulous. Young blood and so many new stars in the making. Well done.” Moira Butterworth, Long Serving Panto Supporter!