Sponsored Hopscotch Raised over £4,250!

Over 50 people of all ages took part in a 24-Hour Sponsored Hopscotch event at the Scout HQ on 13th/14th April. The challenge was to collectively complete as many hopscotches as possible, ensuring there was always at least one person hopscotching at any one time!

The Beavers kicked off the event at 10am on Saturday morning – throughout the first 12 hours Brownies, Cubs, Scouts and some Leaders / Parents all took turns in completing as many hopscotches as they could. As day turned into night, it was the turn of the Explorers to take up the challenge. Fueled by plenty of snacks, the Explorers had the challenge of continuing through the night. A special mention must go to the 5 Explorers, 1 Scout and 4 Leaders who stayed up all night and ensured there was always at least one person hopscotching at all times. As morning broke, people from all Sections came along to complete the last two hours of Hopscotching. In the 24 hour period we completed 39,215 hopscotches – which is an epic achievement!

It was fantastic to see so many different people from different sections all take part in this event – in total 8 different sections were represented (including one of the Brownies colonies).

The event was to raise money for the HQ Improvement Fund and the group are delighted that it raised over £4,250! We really appreciate every donation and were blown away by everyone’s generosity. The money raised means we are well on the way to achieving our fundraising goal to provide improved toilets and an accessible entrance to the Scout HQ.

Thank you to everyone who supported the event – including the leaders who organised the event, all who did some hopscotching and all those who donated so generously.